Would You Rather: Edition 3

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We're at it again, compiling a list of the most random, most thought provoking 'Would You Rather' questions for you to ponder. 

There's only 2 options, which is frustrating, we get it. That's what 'Would You Rather' is all about. Limited options make you ponder the pros, cons and consequences of each alternative. So go with your gut, and tell us what you would rather now! 

Would You Rather...

Spend a day with family

Spend a day with friends

Would You Rather...

Be caught cheating

Catch your significant other cheating

Would You Rather...

Free coffee for a year

Free iTunes music forever

Would You Rather...

Have an excellent relationship but terrible sex

Have an awful relationship but excellent sex

Would You Rather...

Wear only 80's-style clothes for the rest of your life

Have only 80's-style hair for the rest of your life

Would You Rather...

Have your mind serve as an iPod so you can listen to music anytime

Be able to watch your dreams on the television

Would You Rather...

Always know when someone is lying

Always get away with lying

Would You Rather...

Always be underdressed

Always be overdressed

Would You Rather...

Have 10 wishes (but you can't wish for money)

Have $1 billion dollars

Would You Rather...

Be forced to watch Star Wars on loop for an entire weekend

Be forced to watch Star Trek on loop for an entire weekend

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What 'Would You Rather' questions would you like answered? Tell us in the comments section below!

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