What Women Want: Bringing Home the Bacon

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We spend half of our waking hours each day doing it, and at least two thirds of our lives committed to developing and growing it. So how important is a man’s job to the woman he dates?

 45% of women recently told us they don’t mind what job a man does, as long as he loves it. This is heartening, and provides some confidence for blokes when asked the inevitable question when first meeting a lady “so what do you do for work?”

 33% of women probably won’t even ask you what you do for work, because this group of ladies told us that ‘a job is a job and doesn’t define a man.’

 Just over 10% of women believe men should be in a respected job, earning enough bacon to provide for a family, and only 1% of women (thankfully) won’t date a man in a job which doesn’t pay well.

 It seems working hard for the money – as long as you love it – is what matters most to women; but what if they could choose a man’s career for him?

 Maybe it’s the Aussie way of life and our common work ethos of ‘getting it done’ – but a whopping 1 in 3 women told us they would love a tradie/labourer in the house. It could also be the light bulbs that constantly need changing or the expensive renovations that she has planned – but a man who knows his Phillips head from his flat head screwdriver is bound to get attention.

 1 in 5 women would love to see their man in suit and tie, working a white-collar profession. Nothing beats a man who knows his debits from his credits, eh? At least that’s what gets this group of respondents going.

 1 in 10 women just can’t look past a man in uniform. It’s all your Magic Mike and Prince Charming stereotypes rolled into one for men in this field, who might work in law enforcement, the military or emergency services.

What factor is most important to you when it comes to your partner’s job?

If they love their profession


The career options in their field

The flexibility it offers our lifestyle

I don’t care about my partner’s job

Other - tell us in the comments section below!

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