To manscape, or not to manscape, that is the question

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Aussie blokes have come a long way from the drongo stereotype of the 80’s. You remember the look - chesty bonds with your footy team’s shorts and a ‘Cold Chisel’ three-day growth. Whilst the Bonds singlet and footy shorts remain a solid wardrobe staple for comfort-loving Aussie men everywhere, you need only look at the lycra-clad, cappuccino-sipping crews at your local cafe on a Saturday morning to see that men, more than ever before, are taking an interest in keeping fit and looking their best.

Gone is the 3-day growth, replaced with the growing trend of ‘manscaping’ and ‘coiffed’ hair dos. Almost a third of you told us – 28% to be exact – that you’re not averse to whipping out the hair product and moisturiser on a weekly basis. Almost half of you are happy to spritz on the aftershave and 90% of you are regularly rolling on deodorant (thanks for that, by the way.)

Is all this extra effort really worth it though? Are your efforts appreciated by the ladies? The answer is yes, gents. 72% of ladies told us they like a man who manscapes – within reason. Having trouble introducing the razor to your chin, or the hair gel to your crop? Au naturel will score you big points with women aged 30 years plus. Just please, don’t skip out on deodorant too.

Which of these manscapes do you most prefer?

Clean hair for me, thanks

3 day growth, a little rugged always looks good

The manicured look, I dig a manly beard

Free flowing all the way, the more hair – the better



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