Time for a technology detox? How to know when it’s time to switch off.

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Have you ever left the house fully clothed, yet still felt a bit…naked?

Have you ever randomly stopped in your tracks with a feeling you’d forgotten something?

Have you ever lay in bed at 2:00am with the sudden urge to know what Pete from your 4th grade class is doing these days?

Unless you literally forgot to put on pants before leaving the house, or actually left the iron on this morning, chances are - you may be having technology withdrawals. Our technology devices and social media platforms have become an extension of ourselves, an extra ‘appendage’, if you will.

We feel naked without our phones. We’re addicted to refreshing our news feeds and have a heart attack if it’s been more than 1.486 hours since we last posted a filtered AF flower crown selfie on Snapchat. Don’t even get us started on the FOMO feels at 2:00am when the sudden urge to cyber stalk ex partners and school chums hits. When will we learn, Insta scrolling someone at 2am can only lead to one thing: accidentally liking a picture of dogs wearing bread they posted in 2010:

Almost a third of recent survey respondents told us they keep on scrolling long after they bid goodnight to their other half, and 25% of you admitted to getting a dose of social media happenings before saying good morning the next day. With figures like these, for some of us it seems devices have become a substitute for real human connection on a daily basis.



How do you know if it’s time to detox from your device? Try these simple testers:

  1. Leave the house without your phone to run a simple and safe errand. Feeling the twinge in your scrolling thumb before you’ve even shut the front door? It’s time for a detox.
  2. Turn off your device at the dinner table with family and friends. Sweating at the thought of missing your celebrity’s latest post before entrée’s served? It’s time for a detox.
  3. Delete your social media apps for 24 hours. Twiddling your thumbs and counting the dust particles in that corner of your lounge room quicker than you can say “I miss Sportsbet?” It’s time for a detox.

Detoxing from your device every now and then is sure to help you reconnect with the big wide world out there – and rest easy, those filters are sure to be waiting for you when you’re ready to return to the land of flower crowns and X-Pro II again soon.

Which social media app are you most addicted to?







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