Team Jen or Team Ange?

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It’s one for the ages. A celebrity break-up that defined the stereotypes of infidelity in relationships everywhere.

Team Jen or Team Ange?

Are you the good girl scorned or the carefree bombshell?

Who wins out in relationships when it comes to these two ‘types’ the gossip mags have carved out for women?

Well if you thought it was put to bed, the SAG Awards plot twist might just have you second guessing your opinion. What happened?


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A backstage reunion to reignite a 15 year old flame; a headline which entertainment media have been waiting for. Suburban gossip rag editors everywhere are salivating at the moment captured. Months of covers and stories about faux pregnancies, secret trysts and explosive clashes are already in the works and it brings the 2005 debate back to the fore….

Team Ange or Team Jen? Take our polls below to see how your views stack up against Spotters!

Are you team Ange or Team Jen when it comes to relationships?

Team Jen!

Team Ange!

Who do you identify with more, Jen or an Ange?

I definitely see myself in Jen. Class act!

Ange all the way, baby

I see myself as (or with) Brad, to be honest

Who would you rather hang out with on a Saturday night?




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