Spotter Gossip Watercooler: Your Weekly Round Up

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Not sure what your co-workers are talking about by the water cooler? No time to read Who magazine and surf TMZ? Fear not, Spotter. We've rounded up the juiciest sound bites of gossip doing the rounds this week so you don't have to. Read on and vote in our weekly poll below! 

Put out your Magic Mike DVD's, because Channing Tatum is reportedly off the market. 

The Magic Mike actor and the 'The Voice' coach Jessie J have reportedly been connected for a few months now, with Channing Tatum confirming in a recent interview that he and ex wife Jenna Dewan are both casually seeing other people. Flirting on social media, caught at Jessie J concerts, and eye witnesses placing the duo on a date night dinner in Seattle are all pieces of evidence which point to this report being legit. 

Does the news of Channing and Jessie J dating have you shook?

Yes! He wasn't single for long - but have you seen Magic Mike? I'm not surprised

Look, he's not my jam, but I can definitely see the appeal



It's a meeting of big opinions and big egos at the White House when Kanye visited the US Capitol for a working lunch with the Prez. The two sat down for a discussion about 'making America great again' - and the video - if you can follow Kanye's train of thought - is worth the watch. It covers everything from Ye's journey with mental health, to manufacturing in the US and what American's should be doing to reform the state of the nation:

What do you think of Kanye West's ideas?

He is a visionary, I'm glad to see non-politicians are having a say in US government

When he's good, he's good - but he often goes too far. Risky move inviting him to lunch!

He is ridiculous. I can't believe anyone gives him a mic


Meghan Markle's family have made cashing in on the Duchess a lucrative business; with their relentless pursuit of fame in the name of exposing family secrets about Britain's latest royal addition a full time job. Samantha Markle, who can only be described as 'Chief Engineer' of the Markle operation, was turned away from Kensington Place this week, after an attempt to see the Duchess on an uninvited visit. We're not surprised she was turned away, after months of slamming Meghan on social media and doing 'tell-all' interviews. 


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What's your opinion on Samantha Markle's approach?

She should be embarrassed. No wonder Meghan has cut ties

There's two sides to every story. The truth sits somewhere in the middle?

I can't believe Meghan can cut family off, I would have done exactly as Samantha did!



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