Spot On, Spotters: Which politician would you spend 48 hours with?

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Your Nanna might have once told you that there are 2 topics of conversation one should steer clear of, to avoid causing offence within friendships. Politics and religion.

We’re now living in a new era of over-sharing…from what you ate for breakfast, to how you voted in the last election. After all, if you go to a café but neglect to Instagram your brunch, or check-in on Facebook, did it even happen?

We couldn’t help but broach the topic your Nanna told us not to, and ask our Spotters, “If you had to be handcuffed to one politician for 48 hours, who would you choose?”

There were some obvious choices and some surprises. Some were chosen for ‘love of their cause’ and some for ‘the opportunity to knock some sense into them’. Check out who made the cut, then tell us which politician you’d get cuffed to if you had to choose….

Barack Obama

He has a Rolodex full of celebrity friends and powerful colleagues, he’s charismatic and the media love to love him. Your 48 hours with Barack Obama will probably consist of golfing, a chat show and a celebrity dinner party; but if you’re passionate about making a political statement, he’s not your man. As a retired president, he can’t get you into the oval room or onto Air Force One, so you’ll have to be happy with the chat-show circuit and a round of karaoke carpool with James Corden.


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Donald Trump

This current President is a natural choice for the passionate or the curious among us. Some of you want to be exposed to the power and prestige of the Whitehouse (lunch on Air Force One and a helicopter ride to Camp David? Yes please!) – But for 50% of you who chose the Donald - it was ‘so you could talk some sense into him’ according to our Spotters. Your 48 hours might consist of cabinet meetings, signing policy documents and shaking hands with dignitaries. Just remember to pack your sleeping mask so he won’t keep you awake when tweeting at 3am, okay?

Malcolm Turnbull

Much like Trump, our Spotters told us they’d get cuffed to the PM to talk some sense into him and get their ideas heard. Your 48 hours might consist of MP meetings, a photo opportunity at a local event and maybe a state dinner with visiting ambassadors.  While you’re pitching your ideas, could you do us a favour and teach Malc the lyrics to ‘You’re the Voice’ by John Farnham? He doesn’t know them, and we’re pretty sure knowing Johnny’s songs should be a strong non-negotiable for our national leader. Thanks.


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Bob Hawke

It’s been a while since Hawko – as his friends might call him – has been in the top job of Australian politics. More than his policies and passion for trade with China, Bob might best be remembered for his ability to skull a beer better than most Aussies could – in world record time. If our Spotters had their way, they told us 48 hours with Bob would be spent doing just that. Drinking beers and watching sport….does it get anymore Australian?

Other pollies who nabbed a mention include Tony Abbott, Penny Wong, Jacqui Lambie and Barnaby Joyce. Who got the most mentions when asked “If you had to be handcuffed to one politician for 48 hours, whom would you choose?”.........

Pauline Hanson

The subject of many a ’Please Explain?’ parody and perhaps one of the most successful politic comebacks in recent years, Pauline Hanson is certainly a polarising personality. One thing is for sure, the straight-shooting Queensland Senator isn’t afraid to speak her mind, which is perhaps the reason behind her growing popularity among Aussies looking for honest opinions in a highly scripted political landscape. How would your 48 hours with Pauline look? Without a doubt, you’ll be sitting in on interviews, enjoying policy debates, and perhaps even a quick fish and chip lunch?

Tell us, of the Politicians our Spotters gave most mentions to, which would you choose to be handcuffed to for 48 hours?

Which of these choices would you pick, if you had to be handcuffed to a politician for 48 hours?

Barack Obama

Donald Trump

Malcolm Turnbull

Bob Hawke

Pauline Hanson

Tony Abbott

Penny Wong

Jacqui Lambie

Barnaby Joyce

Bill Shorten

Other - tell us in the comments section below!

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