Spot on Spotters: Where Are You On The Web?

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There's no denying it, we've become addicted to our mobile phones. 

Recent studies show, the average smart phone user checks their device more than 47 times per day. 

80% of people admit to using their phones in the hour before they go to sleep each night (what a way to unwind, guys) and over a third of us are swiping away less than 5 minutes before laying our head on the pillow to rest. 

So what are we doing on these tech-extensions of our bodies?

Surfing the world wide web of course. We asked our Spotters to share their top 3 websites visited while on the WWW's. Read what they had to say and vote for your pick from the average top 3 choices below: 

Choice One

Top of mind with Spotters, this would be the first site checked when you get on the web. Only have a couple of minutes to spare? Wanting to unwind with a quick hit of fun? Not surprisingly, the formula for these sites is highly addictive, resulting in users returning to check these platforms sometimes several (or more!) times a day:

Which of these sites is your most visited?







Choice Two

Maybe you're on the couch after a hard day, or riding out the daily commute on public transport. When you're looking to escape for some entertainment, these second most visited pages on the web belong to a cluster of sites which usually take up a little more of our time: 

Which of these sites is your most visited?






Choice Three

The third most visited sites for our Spotters might best be described as websites which help us complete tasks we encounter on a regular basis. Whether it be shopping online instead of in store, communicating with our contacts, or catching up on the news. Which of these sites do you visit regularly? 

Which of these sites is your most visited?






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