Spot on Spotters: What You've Been Telling Us Lately

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It's one thing to come here and catch up on news, do the polls and have a look around....but do you ever wonder how everyone else is voting? What everyone is thinking...and how do you compare?

Well, rest easy, Spotters. We've rounded up a collection of what you've been telling us lately and we're breaking it down for you below. 

Christmas must really be, the most wonderful time of the year. When given the choice of ONLY having your birthday or Christmas to celebrate, 60% of Spotters would keep the mince pies, pudding and carols - and ditch the reminder that we're all getting that little bit older. So generous, right? It's actually genius. No one knows how old we're getting, you can pop an extra pressie under the tree so you're not missing out on the gift bit - and think about how much bigger and longer the holidays are, when marking the birthday of the big fella himself, instead of the one day us mortals get? Everybody wins!

There are 2 schools of thought on this curly predicament. World War 2 was undeniably horrific, no doubt. So if given the opportunity - how could one not intervene to save the world from that sort of tragedy? On the other hand though - what happens to society today if we go back and mess with significant historic events? Would laws be different? Would freedoms be different? Would country boundaries look different? Would the unrest have simmered and come to the fore in another way down the track - even if we did go back in time and stop WW2 from occurring? So many questions and uncertain variables - so it's actually not surprising that 60% of Spotters opted to safely take the $50 million and leave things as they are. Nothing safer than what we already know, after all. Kudos must go to the 40% of noble Spotters who would sacrifice current comfort and go back in time to stop WW2 - even in the midst of uncertainty. 

Wowsers. This one got us thinking. It looks as though despite what we're bombarded with everyday in the media through advertising, movies, television and print - when it comes down to brass tax - the everyday Spotter (85% to be exact) wants a friendship connection over fireworks under the covers (if given a choice between one or the other. Perhaps those who've had the relationships full of spark and sizzle (and had that sizzle fizzle) would rather a strong friendship and solid bond to get you through. What about the 15% of Spotters who are all about the sizzle? Perhaps their connections comes from colleagues, friends or family instead. As long as everyone's happy, right? 

If you could control the emotions of everyone around you, what might that look like for the 46% of Spotters who opted for this super power? These Spotters would be great at their jobs and influencing others, which could be a dangerous, or excellent ability (depending on whether you used it for good or evil.) We have to stop and think though, if people around us weren't free to feel for themselves - would that really be living? 54% of Spotters are happy to let people keep their free will - instead opting for choosing the weather. So tell us, are you all about the sunshine, or the cool rain? 

How do your choices compare to the Spotter community?

I sit in the majority

Some I agree with - some results surprised me!

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