Spot on Spotters: Drinks at the Pub...Who's Invited?

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A pub catch up might be one of the most Aussie past times in our national identity. The pub catch up is where many meet their other halves across a crowded room. It's where many gather to watch their favourite teams contest trophies, and it's where good friends meet to connect and catch up over a cold brew or savvy B. 

Given the sanctity of the pub catch up, we checked in with our Spotters to see which 3 famous personalities they would invite into their pub catch up crew. 

Take a look at who our Spotters nominated and vote for your top 3 from the Spotter's lists below. 

Top of the list at number 1? A mix of the iconic and the musical. It's not surprising, given her continued success and tours here, that P!NK was the first choice among the three; along with national treasures Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Barnes - and current global sensation Ed Sheeran:

Which of these personalities at the top of the Spotter pub-invite list would you choose?


Hugh Jackman

Jimmy Barnes

Ed Sheeran

Second most nominated personalities get a little more interesting - with more than just the entertainment world represented. Power, royalty and Hollywood heavy hitters come to mind second most for our Spotters, who is your pick from the below crew? 

Which of these personalities second on the Spotter pub-invite list would you choose?

Barack Obama

Chris Hemsworth

Keith Urban

Prince Harry

Rounding out the top 3? After the icons and the minds which challenge us, are those which put a smile on our dial. Spotter's top 3 funny champions are below. Who would you choose? 

Which of these personalities in third place on the Spotter pub-invite list would you choose?

Hamish and Andy (they're a package deal)

Russell Brand

Channing Tatum

Jennifer Lawrence

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