Settle the Debate: are we a nation of dog or cat lovers?

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It could be the climate and our outdoor lifestyle, or the suburban backyards we're used to living in; ABS data confirms that Australians have one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world, with around 63% of us owning an animal companion. 

For many, our choice of pet is a reflection of our personality, our identity and our lifestyle.

We asked you guys to settle the debate on whether dogs or cats make the superior pet.

Check out your results below...

Are you a proud, self-assured and independent type? If so, you may prefer the company of an equally discerning cat companion, like 29% of Aussies who own a feline friend.

Only 20% of Spotters told us that cats makes better pets, that's less than the national average. Is this why? 


Are you a social type, who enjoys a good time and the company of others?

You could be a dog person, like 39% of Aussies and a whopping 70% of Spotters.

We totally get why....

Do you agree with our Spotters? Sound off in the poll below.

Which species is the superior pet?



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