Relationship Rules: Do you get along with your Mother in-law?

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There are few ties stronger than those between a mother and her son. Years of love and loyalty are ingredients in the recipe that so deeply bonds them together; so what happens when a mother’s darling boy gets married? For many, the struggle to adapt to a new ‘number one’ in a man’s life proves difficult.

1 in 20 women told us that they only play nice with the mother in-law for the sake of her partner, after all.

It’s the stuff of movie plot lines and chat room suffering, so we’re not surprised at your responses when we asked, “What is your relationship like with your man’s mother?”

Thankfully only 1% of women believe her mother in law is number 1 in her partner’s life.  This dynamic would be easy to identify. If your partner still takes his laundry over to her house and asks for his mummy when unwell, chances are you’ve got a bona fide Mummy’s boy on your hands and she is his number one fan.

Hollywood mother in law example? Bunny McDougal, Charlotte’s first mother in law from Sex and the City.

1 in 33 of you confided that you think your mother in law is the devil and makes sure you know you’ll never be good enough for her son. This mother in law would be pretty easy to spot too. Coming over to re-clean your house and bring meals, even when she knows you’ve already cleaned and cooked dinner, are tell tale signs she thinks she’s better qualified than you to look after the man in your lives.

Hollywood mother in law example? Marie Barone, Raymond’s mother from ‘Everybody loves Raymond.’

29% of women said that you and your mother in law are pleasant to each other. Maybe you won’t be playing bridge or joining her bowls team at the local RSL, but for this 29% of you, it seems your mother in law respects the boundaries that exist when her little boy becomes a man and meets a partner.

35% of women told us that they get along really well with their Mother in law; that she’s like a second mum to them. Ladies, count your lucky stars if you fall into this group because you have won the in-laws lottery. Nothing makes a relationship easier than knowing you have the love and support of each other’s families.

What type of relationship do you have with your Mother in-law?

My mother in law is number 1 in my partner’s life, it's infuriating!

My mother in law makes sure I know that I'll never be good enough for her son!

My mother in law and I are pleasant to each other, but not besties

I love my Mother in-law, she's like my second Mum!

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