Pokemon Go: Are You Still Catching them All?

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Forget tazos, marbles, stamps and baseball cards, millennials have moved into the Augmented Reality world of collectibles and gaming. 

Pokemon Go, one of the most successful AR games in recent years, took only 19 days to amass 56 million downloads and grossed a whopping $169 million in its first month since release in July 2016. 

The popular game enjoyed immense viral success in 2016, to the point where usage caused public nuisances, with players being caught in dangerous situations, hunting Pokemon while driving cars or crossing roads. 

So just how big is Pokemon Go?

You'd be forgiven for thinking it was no longer 'in' - since it fell off our main stream news feeds within a year of release, but the game has continued to grow a loyal fan base, which now sits at an average of 147 million active users each month and over 800 million game downloads worldwide. 

What's that type of usage worth? $2.01 billion per year. read that right. $2.01 billion. That's a lot of Pikachu. 

Want to know what all the fuss is about? You can download the app and hunt Pokemon for free. What started as a pool of 150 Pokemon to catch, has grown to almost 500 and growing daily. Never an issue with stamp collecting or marbles, modern day collecting and gaming offers in-app purchases - so beware of the credit card creep when buying coins as an in-app purchase! 

Take our polls below to vote for your favourites when it comes to gaming and collectibles! 

Which era of gaming do you belong to?

The 70's and 80's - The Atari and The Commodore computer

The 90's - Nintendos, Sega and portable Gameboys

00's - X BOX, Playstation and iPhone apps

10's - Mobile apps + Virtual and Augmented Reality

Which non-gaming collectible craze could you get behind?

Sport Collectible cards - baseball, basketball, AFL

Stamp Collecting

Magazine and Comic Books Collecting

Marbles and Tazos

Tamagotchis + Figurine collecting

Virtual Collectibles online and in apps

How many gaming or collectible apps do you have on your phone and computer?







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