New Year...New You?

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We all do it. January 1st rolls around and we’re deep into BBQ’s, cheese boards and summertime catch ups. Our bathers and boardshorts don’t quite fit like they did at the start of Summer and all the signs of an indulgent festive season are upon us. It’s time for some new year’s resolutions.

We asked our Spotter crew how their 2019 resolutions are tracking….here’s what they told us: 

11% of you are staying the course – like the Eye of the Tiger. Still going to the gym on the reg, still choosing a salad over a kebab at lunch and still avoiding the confectionery aisle in your supermarket. Kudos to you guys. 2 months in and you’ll undoubtedly be seeing some results for your efforts. Maybe you’re wearing non-elasticised pants again? Maybe your skin is looking better and you’re energy levels are up? Impressive. Life’s about balance though, right? All that discipline means you’re missing out on some of life’s true joys. A glass of wine with dinner, a mid-afternoon treat or a side of fries with that meal?

Just over half of you are locked down Monday-Friday but letting loose on the weekends. You’re working hard and you’re playing hard, because you understand the meaning of balance. Salad and water on weekdays, fries and wine on weekends, because, treat yo self. It doesn’t take much to undo that weekday hard work – so keep the weekend indulgence in check, says your Personal Trainer!

11% of you started with the best of intentions – but your resolutions are as over as most of the marriages on MAFS. We totally get it. Making new commitments is easy on holidays – before life gets in the way when you’re back on the mouse wheel of life. Just remember that you don’t need to wait for January 1 to roll around so you can start again – everyday is new day – so enjoy that pizza knowing that you can get your active wear on again at any time. 

Almost a quarter of you didn’t bother making New Year’s resolutions. You’re probably the crew who live by the mantra “Under Promise, Over Deliver.” We like that. If you’re in this group – you’re way too clever to be caught up in the 12% of people who join gyms in January – only to stop going 8 weeks later. You’re living your best life everyday…and we applaud you.

Do you make New Year's resolutions?

Yep - every year. I love a fresh start!

Sometimes - only if I'm really motivated

Nah - January 1 resolutions are not for me


What type of new year's resolutions do you make?

Health and fitness

Work and Career

Friends, family and relationship goals

Personal growth


How do you keep track of your resolutions?

I write and post them somewhere I can see them each day

I note them in a diary or book for safe keeping

Hello - it's 2019. I make a note in my phone

It's all stored in the top cabinet above my eyes and under my hat.



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