How Do You Summer?

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If you’re stepping outside and the air isn’t cutting through you, or you’ve retired the extra doona at home, then one thing is certain. Summer is coming. You can almost smell it in the warm air and the defrosting sun. If you’re like almost half of our Spotter crew, you’re already starting to make plans. We asked our Spotter crew what they have planned for the season of sun and fun…do your plans match up?

60% of Spotters are taking time off over Summer. When offices close over Christmas, many Aussies take the opportunity to unwind and recuperate before a new year kicks off.

Will You Be Taking Time Off Over Summer?

I save my leave and take a nice break over Summer

I just take the week between Christmas and New Years

Public Holidays are my only break

Leave? I wish! I work all the way through Summer

What are you doing with your time off in the sun? 28% of you are travelling, either interstate or a little closer to home. Most of you will travel by car instead of plane. The top 3 destinations for travellers? The Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney.

Are you travelling over the Summer break?

I plan to go overseas, can't wait!

I'll travel interstate over the summer

I might go away, but I'll be staying close to home

I can't wait to stay home and enjoy my castle over the Summer!

Over half of Spotters polled said they’d be spending up over the Summer holidays, with plans to spend over 1000 clams on travel activities. If you’re one of the 20% of Spotters who plan on spending over $2000 – can we come with you?

How much do you plan to spend over the Summer break?

Spend? I plan on saving, buddy

There might be a few treats, but I'll stick to the budget mostly

Anything under $1000 is reasonable

$1000 - $2000...holidays aren't cheap!


What are we spending our hard-earned cash on? Well that depends on where you’re going. If you’re headed to a capital city, you’re most likely to be eating at restaurants, seeing friends and family, or doing a spot of shopping.

Headed to a smaller hub or regional area? You’ll be visiting friends and family and consuming alcohol and visiting theme parks (hopefully not all at the same time?)

What activity are you most looking forward to this Summer?

Wining and Dining at restaurants

Catching up with friends and family


Going to an event/carnival/sporting match

How do you Summer? Tell us in the comments section below!

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