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Spotter's Top 5: Must-Watch TV as ranked by Spotters

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We recently asked our Spotter crew to rank their top 5 must-watch TV know, the ones on that piece of equipment in your lounge room which all the seating points towards? We've rounded out the most popular choices from 1 to 5. Vote for your favourites in each poll below! 

Choice 1

Top of mind with Spotters when they switch on the box? Surprisingly, not reality television. It goes without saying that news is number 1 among our well informed Spotter crew, with scripted dramas also the average first choice for Spotters, which proves that you just can't beat a well-written production. Which is your favourite from the most popular number 1 choices? 

Which of these shows would you watch first?


Home and Away

Handmaid's Tale


Choice 2

Continuing the reality tv boycott - and preference for well-written drama, are our most popular second choice shows for Spotters. Which is your favourite from the below? 

Which of these shows would you watch first?



Big Bang Theory


Choice 3 

The most popular nominations in position 3 come as no surprise; these choices being seasonally screened. For the most part, these shows consume your entertainment hours and weekends while you binge-watch them, and disappear from your mind while you wait another year for a new season drop. 

Which of these shows would you watch first?

Game of Thrones

The Block


Criminal Minds

Choice 4

By the time our Spotters reach number 4 on their must-watch list, the most popular responses become a more eclectic representation of personal interests. From current affairs to sport, which is your favourite from our Spotters number 4 must-watch nominations? 

Which of these shows would you watch first?


The Project


The Today Show

Choice 5

Rounding out the top 5 must-watch shows for our Spotter crew (with the exception of OITNB), are the shows we find ourselves watching when our favourites are out of season, or we're looking for some familiar comfort on the box to keep us company. Remember those 90's sitcoms you find yourself watching over and over again on streaming services? 

Which of these shows would you watch first?

Modern Family

Doctor Who

Better Homes and Gardens

Orange Is The New Black

Don't see your must-watch television show above? Tell us yours in the comments section below! 

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