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Finally...A Bachelor for All Australians

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Ratings juggernaut 'The Bachelor' has returned to our television screens and this year's Bachelor is a personality even the most anti-romantic among us might just be able to get behind. 

The Bachelor franchise is arguably Australia's most successful reality love show when it comes to churning out couples who stick together and Instagram influencers who could sell ice to Eskimos. Despite it's success rate, romance -fatigued Aussies are cynical about the process - with a mass crop of reality love break-ups hitting our news feeds this year (we're looking at you, MAFS and Bachelor in Paradise!) 

So with all this heart break floating around, why should we be investing in this year's season? One name - Nick Cummins. Take a look at potentially the most Aussie Bachelor to hit our tv screens yet: 

Want to hear about Nick's experience on the Bachelor? See it here now: 

Which Aussie Reality Love Series Has You Hooked?

The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

Love Island

Married At First Sight

Bachelor in Paradise

First Dates

The Farmer Wants A Wife

The Last Resort

Other - tell us your favourite in the comments section below!

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