Drake's Plan: Give away $1 Million dollars...what would you do with the money?

Drake dropped the new single 'God's Plan' from his Scary Hours Album - and we hope you've got your feels ready, because you're going to need them for this one. 

Drake and his team took the video clip budget of almost $1,000,000 - usually spent on dancers, special effects and fast cars - and gave it away.

You can check out the clip of good deeds below:

We're not crying - YOU'RE crying. What would you do with a million dollars? 

How would you spend $1,000,000?

Save and invest wisely. Money is not to be wasted.

I'd pay my mortgage and bills - how good would it be to be debt free?

I'd save half, but blow the other half and have some fun. Tell us more in the comments section below!

I'd buy a new house and go travelling. Tell us where in the comments section below!

Are you kidding? it's free money. Spend it all on FUN!

Other - tell us in the comments section below

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