Daddy Day care and household duties...Are you lifting your weight?

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55% of women recently told us that their partner spends less than 3 hours a week looking after the kids on his own. Now we don’t want to stir the pot here (…or do we?) but 3 hours equates to less than 2% of the family week. That got our noggin-cogs turning; so we asked:

“What do women think about men taking on more responsibility around the home?”

88% of women told us they like the idea of men taking more responsibility for household chores. This overwhelmingly indicates that women don’t believe men are doing their fair share (cue masculine outrage!)

Maybe it starts with hanging up a towel in the bathroom, or putting those gym socks in the laundry basket. Want serious brownie points? Mowing the lawn and unstacking the dishwasher are sure to get men in the good books – along with folding the washing and running a vacuum cleaner over the floors.

84% of women like the idea of their men taking the reins in the kitchen and cooking more. If a man’s kitchen forte is more ‘cereal and Milo’ than ‘rack of lamb and crème brulee’ - perhaps taking charge of the post-dinner clean up will prove equally as valuable. Fellas – for the record – ‘soaking’ the dishes in the sink overnight does not constitute a post-dinner clean up.

51% of respondents shared that they like the idea of men taking on the role of ‘stay at home dad’, enabling a partner to return to work. Gone are the days of having babies at 25 years of age, instead women are enjoying careers and adventures in young adulthood. With the average age of a first time mum in Australia climbing to 30 years of age in 2013, it’s not surprising to see that some women yearn for the return of their pre-baby identity once firmly in the role of motherhood.  

Is Daddy staying home to manage the parenting gig unrealistic? Perhaps giving Mum the occasional mental health day where possible will help bridge the caretaking gap for many households too.

Tell us how you split the household management tasks below! 

Who does the majority of housework in your home?

Mum, wife, female caregiver

Dad, husband, male caregiver

The adults both share the household and parenting gig 50/50

I'm flat out looking after myself, are you kidding?

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