Cracking the Vault: Spotter Tales of Road Rage

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Slow walkers, loud talkers, rude drivers and non-indicators. Getting around can really get under our skin. 

We recently opened the Vent Vault for our Spotters, giving exclusive access to 'let-rip' and get it all off the chest when it comes to getting around. 

With 77% of Australia's population growth occurring in our capital cities over the past decade, it's no surprise that the pressure on our roads and transport infrastructure causes great frustration when moving from A to B. 

While we can't violate the sanctity of the Vault to tell you what individual Spotters shared, we're cracking it open just a smidge to share some snippets of what our Spotter crew had to say....

Behind the Wheel 

When it comes to sitting behind the wheel, Spotters did not hold back when sharing their gripes. People who drive slowly in the overtaking lane, back seat drivers and weaving in and out of lanes for no reason were all common themes. (Hey buddy, you're not filming Fast and the Furious, ok?)

Spotters told us their top 3 hot-buttons when driving a vehicle. Which is your top one?

Using a mobile phone when driving


Failing to Indicate

Other - tell us in the comments section below!

Sharing the journey

Public Transport is a necessary part of modern living. It reduces cars on the road and helps those who can't drive to stay mobile. When you're at the whim of someone else behind the wheel, or someone random next to you on the journey, you're bound to encounter a less than ideal excursion from time to time. Universal pet peeves on public transport for our Spotters include loud talkers and listeners to awful music, commuters who don't believe in deodorant and taxi drivers who deliberately choose the long route to maximise their fare.

Spotters shared their top 3 hot-buttons when it comes to using public transport. Which is your top one?

People not standing for elderly/disabled/pregnant passengers

Body odour of fellow passengers or drivers

The availability of public transport where I live

Other - tell us in the comments section below!


On Your Feet and On Your Nerves

Pounding the pavement is a great way to get your 10,000 steps in while getting to your destination. If you're anything like our Spotters, a few things will make you want to drop a shoulder or extend that ankle when sharing the footpath. Bikes, boards and scooters on the pedestrian pathway, as well as groups of people stopping to chat - and cars in a hurry trying to honk you on when crossing the road all get honorable mentions when it come to sharing the path.

Spotters shared what their top 3 gripes are as pedestrians, sharing the roads and footpaths. Which one makes your blood boil?

Big groups of people taking up the footpath

People using their phones while walking

Cyclists using the footpath

Other - tell us your biggest beef as a pedestrian on the streets in the comments section below!


Spotters told us that females over the age of 30 make the best drivers on our roads. Which of the below options would you pick?

Females under 30

Males under 30

Females 30-50

Males 30 - 50

Females 50+

Males 50+

Something else to consider when it comes to deciding who's best on the roads? Tell us in the comments section below!


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