Christina Aguilera is back: hear her new music!

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Christina Aguilera is back - and her new music is a far cry from 'Genie in a bottle' or 'Dirrty' vibes we're used to hearing from the ex-Mickey Mouse club member. 

Christina's new album 'Liberation' is due to drop on 15 June. Judging by the snippets she's sharing thus far, it looks to be an album filled with songs which embrace  her true, authentic self: 


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Check out her first track from the album, titled 'Accelerate', and let us know what you think in our poll below! 

What do you think of Christina Aguilera's new sound?

Love it

Meh, not for me

Hate it! Bring back 2002 Christina!

What is your favourite Christina Aguilera single of all-time?

Genie in a Bottle

What a Girl Wants

Come On Over Baby

Lady Marmalade




Car Wash

Ain't No Other Man



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