To shred, or not to shred...that is the question

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If you’ve been grazing in a good paddock this winter, you’ll know the pressure of t-shirt season creeping up on us...or will you?

We recently asked whether you’d be shredding some weight in time for summer, and 75% of Spotters confirmed you were dusting off the active wear and getting busy in Spring.

What does shredding involve for you? Maybe it’s a few less glasses of wine during the week, or a few more meals with salad. For some – it involves joining a gym and getting active.

For those who are SUPER keen to feel good in swimmers this summer – they might go complete Michelle Bridges and overhaul everything; diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Are you part of the 75% of Spotters looking to shred some weight off for the summer? Take our polls below to share what you’ll be doing to get fit in the coming months.

How many times a week do you break a sweat?

0 - breaking a sweat is not for me

1-2 - I'll squeeze it in a couple of times a week when I remember

3-5 - I like to get into a regular routine. It keeps me going

6-7 - I need to workout as much as possible - I need it to function!

Are you a member of a gym?

Yes, a big gym with classes and equipment so I can mix it up

Yeah, but just a gym with equipment so I can do my own thing

A studio - where I can turn up to classes and work out with others

No gym for me, I prefer the great outdoors

Gym? Fitness? Yeah I'm into fitness. Fittin' this whole pizza in my mouth.

What do you look for first, when trying to buy healthy brands?

If someone famous I admire has promoted it

If the label says 'fat free' or 'gluten free' or 'healthy'

If it's in the health aisle at the supermarket

I look for the nitty gritty nutritional info on the back

Which is your favourite activewear brand?



The Upside


Lorna Jane


Under Armour

Other - tell us in the comments section below!

For the 25% of you who claim to still be working on your winter body, we tip our hat to you. It takes commitment to buck the crowd and walk your own, delicious path paved with foods the other 75% wish they were eating (instead of waking up at 5am to hustle). Enjoy your sleep-ins and pizza guys, you’re confirmation that not all heroes wear capes.


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