Collectibles Crazy: Have You Caught The Bug?

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If you've stepped foot inside your local supermarket this month, chances are you've seen the new collectible craze gripping Coles customers. 

The latest campaign, in its bid to gain customers, gives shoppers plastic miniature shopping collectibles for every $30 spent in store. (The irony here, given its recent ban on plastic bags, is not lost on us.)

Maybe you're a family with school-aged children, desperate to retain their playground street-cred. Maybe you work in an office and must win superiority in the inter-team office competition. Or maybe you're just an avid shopper who loves the idea of a collectibles challenge. Whichever camp you sit in - the masses are going bananas for, well, miniature bananas. 

So out of control, do these collectible crazes get, supermarkets are forced to host 'swap days' where fans can swap items in a bid to have the full set. (Lest we forget the Marvel Super Hero disc mayhem of 2017.)

"Why the fuss?" you ask - we hear you! Although a quick squiz at what some of these full sets are listed for online quickly answers our question: 

We're not sure this ambitious collector will get their $1500 price tag, but this latest craze has us debating - which collectible craze took us by storm? 

Vote for your all-time favourite collectible craze below! 

Which is your all-time favourite collectibles craze?

Coles Little Shoppers

Woolworths Marvel Super Hero Discs

Ty Beanie Babies



AFL Cards

Basketball Cards


Other - tell us yours in the comments section below!


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