A Wine Advent Calendar? There's a Holiday Novelty to Get Behind

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Image Credit: De Bortoli Wines

Christmas, has for too long been geared towards the younger among us who celebrate this festive holiday; but what happens when you stop believing in the big fella in the red suit? What happens when trips to the Santa Cave and decorating the house are replaced with the stress of hosting an extended family lunch and last minute Christmas Eve shopping for the gift you forgot to buy your mother in law? 

Well, get your novelty reindeer antlers on - because have we got good news for you.

Better than a chocolate-filled calendar - the clever elves at De Bortoli Wines, based in the Yarra Valley, are launching a wine advent calendar for the 2018 festive season. What better way to enjoy the lead up to Christmas, and ease the stress of preparing for the big day - than with a piccolo of wine? 

Now there's a festive tradition we can get behind. To register for information on this promotion, visit the DeBortoli website here

How do you feel about the festive season? Tell us below! 

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet?

Yes! As soon as Spring hits, the planning starts

I'll wait until I see decorations up in stores to start thinking about the holidays

Ugh - Maybe I'll get my act together on Christmas Eve?

I hate the holidays, I'm planning to boycott!

Do you enjoy preparing for Christmas?

I love preparing for Christmas and making the holiday magical

I get onboard once the holiday gets close, but I'm not repsonsible for everything

I outsource the holiday preparation, work smarter not harder!

Would an adult's advent calendar make preparing for the holidays fun?

Yep - sign me up!

It could - depending on the contents (tell us what your ideal advent calendar would have below!)

Nah, not for me


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