24 Hours Off, What's On Your List?

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A question which comes up as often as "How would you spend a million dollars?" Or "How would you spend your last day on Earth?" 

It's a source of constant daydreams for the time-poor among us. "You get 24 hours to yourself with no responsibilities or commitments. How do you spend it?" We asked our Spotter crew and here's what they shared: 

30% of Spotters want to watch entertainment. We totally get it. The taped shows and 'watch lists' are banking up. Whether it's work, social commitments, family obligations or an inability to get your paws on the remote; Spotters just aren't getting to escape the daily grind with their favourite shows and movies.

TV, Netflix and movies at home all got notable mentions among this crew of Spotters - who would love nothing more than to chillax on the couch with the remote control, some takeaway and 24 hours to watch the shows that are taking up space on your box. 

Which entertainment service do you love watching at home?

Free to air TV


iTunes/Apple TV

Streaming Services - Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime, HayU

TV? Not for me.


26% of Spotters are headed 'Out and About'. The go-getters among us want to make the most of their 24 hours of fun by going for a walk, visiting friends, or going to the cinema to watch a movie on the big screen. If you're well rested most of the time and hibernation isn't your jam, it makes perfect sense to use 24 hours off to get those endorphins pumping through exercise, or release the pressure valve via drinks and a meal with good friends, in great surrounds. 

Where do you go, when out and about on days off?

The shops! I love to cruise around the stores, even if not buying

Restaurants, pubs and cafes - good food and good atmosphere is a must

Activity venues - movies, gyms, games centres

The Great Outdoors - give me a park, a beach, the mountains, anyday


25% of Spotters want to sleep. We at Spotter HQ aren't the betting types...but if we were, our money is on these guys being parents and shift workers. Nothing quite wears us down on the daily grind more than the emotional rollercoaster - and sometimes sleepless nights - of parenthood. The same can be said for shift workers, whose body clocks are in perpetual limbo, walking the tight rope of night work and long days. 

How many hours sleep do you get each day?

0-4 hours

5-8 hours

9-12 hours

12+ hours!


19% of Spotters want to read and listen to music. The creative types among us, looking to learn, escape and unwind through music and reading. Comic books or biographies? Classical tunes or Jimmy Barnes? Tell us what you're reading and listening to in your downtime! 

Which type of book do you gravitate towards?

Educational - if I'm reading, I want to be learning

Fun fiction - I just want to escape, without having to think too hard

Non-Fiction - biographies, real stories and true tales are for me

Other - tell us in the comments section below!


Which type of music you prefer to listen to?

Pump up the volume! Music I can dance, sing and jump around to

Rock and Country - I want a solid instrumental and lyrics which tell a story

Old School Classics - They don't make them like they used to. I want music from my heyday which you can't get on radio

Classical/Instrumental - Nothing unwinds the soul like a classical arrangement

Music? Not for me, I'd rather a podcast or audio book!



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