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More important than knowing the meaning of life


More valuable than the gold chains in Kanye West’s closet


More divisive than a grand final footy BBQ with rival supporters


It’s Entertainment Spot.


Toilet seat up or down?  Team Jennifer or team Angelina?  Holden or Ford?  Who’s my favourite celebrity dating this week?


These are the raging debates and conversations Aussies have at the dinner table, in the lunch room and by the office water cooler each week. Entertainment Spot is where you can come to discuss and debate a range of topics. It’s where you’ll find definitive answers and evidence for the ageless conversations that get you and you mates divided.


Want to settle the score on who is the best recording artist of all time, the best movie ever made or the best way to spend a night off? Join the debate with Australians and have your say, share your opinion and be entertained by the answers and viewpoints of fellow participants. It’s what Entertainment Spot was made for.


Entertainment Spot is an invitation into the world of the ‘not so silent majority’. It’s where you get to have a say on what you think about a range of topics, always in an entertaining way. It’s a place for the curious-minded to read about hot topics, share opinions and see how your view stacks up against others opinions too.


Most of our research and surveys are just for fun, but we also act as a live community, for those who want to join with us in learning about our fellow Australians in order to better communicate with them, reward them or provide products and services that may entertain them.


  • Entertainment Spot is an online survey & polling community of people who love to share their opinion with others, and to read the opinions of others as well. We are focused on finding entertainment in all areas of life.


  • We offer you a “penny for your thoughts”, or the chance to win a penny or two at least. You can win prizes for participating in selected surveys and polls, or just be rewarded for turning up every now and then to have your say.


Entertainment Spot keeps you in touch with community views on a range of about entertaining and relevant topics, the questions that you love to debate at dinner parties, over coffee at work, or while passing the time with friends in a car while stuck in traffic.